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Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is a soft tissue technique that dates back to ancient Greece and is common practice in traditional Chinese medicine. 

Cupping separates the underlying soft tissue (e.g. muscles, ligaments, tendons, scar tissue, etc.) by creating a vacuum. This technique breaks up scar tissue, increases circulation, and stimulates the healing process of damaged tissue.


Common areas effectively treated by cupping therapy include the shoulder, mid-back, neck, between the shoulder blades, and the calves. Only dry cupping therapy is performed at our practice. 

A research study* published in 2016 reported significant decreases in chronic neck and shoulder pain after one session of cupping therapy. Patients reported 62% less neck pain and 69% less shoulder pain after one session. The control group, patients who did not receive cupping therapy, reported 2% and 7% less neck and shoulder pain, respectively. No adverse effects were reported. This study suggests that cupping therapy is a safe and beneficial technique. 

*Lee-Mei Chi et al (2016) Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 

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