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Kinesiology Tape Therapy

Kinesiology tape is an elastic, all-natural cotton, adhesive strip that is wearable for days at a time. At Summit Sport Therapy it is used as an adjunct therapy to treat a wide variety of muscle, tendon, ligament, and nerve injuries. 

Kinesiology tape is different from traditional white athletic tape in that is does not restrict joint or muscle range-of-motion. Benefits include:

(1) facilitating drainage of inflammation and swelling by lifting the skin and increasing blood flow; and,

(2) promoting neuromuscular re-education - the process of training certain muscles and nerves to work together and move properly to resolve pain. 

It is important to note that Kinesiology tape is intended for short-term use. It is not a stand-alone therapy. To be effective, Kinesiology tape must be combined with strengthening exercises, stretches, joint manipulation or mobilization, and/or manual soft tissue therapy (e.g. Active Release Technique, Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, cupping, etc.).

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