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Spinal Manipulation
& Joint Mobilization

Spinal manipulation (also referred to as a spinal adjustment) is a manual technique applied by a chiropractor to restore normal joint function and reduce pain.


Sometimes there is a “popping” sound when a joint is adjusted. It is not painful and is similar to cracking your knuckles. This “popping” noise occurs when a gas bubble is released in a joint capsule. The clinician may perform joint mobilization techniques to avoid the audible "pop" if needed.


Research studies continually demonstrate that spinal manipulation is safe and effective especially for neck pain, headache, and low back pain. 

A research article* published in 2015 reported chiropractic patients with chronic low back pain experienced greater reductions with pain and disability compared to patients who received usual medical care.

After 4 weeks of treatment:

- chiropractic care patients reported 94% less low back pain and 76% less disability.

- usual medical care patients reported 56% less low back pain and 48% less disability. 

*Schneider et al (2015), Spine. 

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