What to expect

·  As a new patient you will need to schedule an appointment with our fabulous receptionist, Debbie, via phone call, text, or email


·  Once scheduled, Debbie will email you forms to fill out and sign electronically, no printer needed! We encourage new patients to arrive 10-minutes early to your scheduled appointment.

·  We respect your time. In the rare event the doctor is behind schedule we will notify you via phone call or text as early as possible.

·  Your first visit will last approximately 45-minutes. The doctor will perform a thorough history and physical examination and review any pertinent medical records. 

·  Treatment! Yes, you will more than likely receive therapy on your first day unless the doctor determines imaging such as x-rays or MRI is indicated or a co-referral is needed. 

·  Treatment is individualized to meet your specific needs. It varies drastically patient-to-patient and may consist of a variety of effective, proven therapies

·  Average appointment times are 30-minutes & consist of one-on-one active therapy with the doctor.

·  At-home instruction is a critical component of patient care

regardless of the severity or type of symptom(s). Dr. Van Wagenen will prescribe at-home care (stretches and exercises) throughout the course of your treatment.

·  Symptom and/or functional progress is usually observed within 4 visits.

·  If progress is not observed after 2-4 weeks of therapy the doctor may order diagnostic imaging (x-ray, MRI, CT) or other tests for further evaluation.

·  The doctor may determine co-management and/or referral to another provider is necessary during the course of treatment to expedite your progress