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Strength &

Strength & Conditioning is different than Physical Rehabilitation. Physical Rehabilitation is prescribed when a patient has an active, usually pain-related symptom that severely limits their normal day-to-day functioning.  


The goal of Strength & Conditioning is to improve general physical fitness or athletic ability. In general, patients prescribed with strength & conditioning do not experience symptoms that severely hinder their daily functioning. Strength & Conditioning is more than lifting weights - it encompasses plyometrics (jumping exercise), speed and agility, endurance training, core stability, balance, and coordination. 


Strength & Conditioning prescription greatly varies depending on the patient's specific needs and physical capabilities. A competitive athlete is prescribed completely different exercises/stretches than a chronic pain patient who has been cleared for physical activity, but is still deconditioned and susceptible to re-injury. 

After "being cleared" or discharged by their physical therapist or surgeon many patients experience re-injury. It can be argued that most patients relapse because they quit doing their exercises; however, many patients relapse because they were not adequately equipped with the knowledge on how to progress their exercises. 


Strength & Conditioning is a continuum requiring gradual progression with volume, intensity, weight and type of exercise being performed. It is a journey. It is a process. We provide our patients with the proper guidance, skill and knowledge required to successfully embark on this journey.  

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